A Black Man Speaks

by Jahi of PE 2.0

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    5 songs speaking my truth as a Black Man.
    1. A.Black.Man.Speaks- is inspired by Kung Fu Kenny's untitled #3. I just thought the Black Man had more to say.
    2. Backyard- calls out all gossipers.
    3. WORD is BOND- is based on a true story over one of my favorite Preemo tracks.
    4. C.i.A- Is inspired by Sean Combs and the idea of Black Excellence in our finances.
    5. Here Now is inspired by the off kilter beat I made on a humble featuring Ms. Hill and wanting to let the devil in flesh know to leave the gods alone.
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A Black Man sPEaks
Word is Bond
C.i.A (cash in abundance)
Here Now

In preparation for my 14th studio album NATION BUILDER, prepping the masses and ears with our continued direction as continuing the cultural legacy of our fam Public Enemy with PE 2.0 created by Chuck D.


released January 2, 2018

All songs written and produced by Jahi for Microphone Mechanics.
Recorded at "The Gates"- Oakland, CA
Mixed & Mastered by Skyline Studios- Oakland, CA


all rights reserved



JAHI of PE 2.0 Oakland, California

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Track Name: A Black Man Speaks
Give me my acres and my mule dude
44 million your account is past due
you owe us enough at least a state or two
we know you ain't go do but we still go press you
tried to trick us with Leviticus
hog tied and lynched us
imperious actions try to put the fear in us
that never happen we always been fight back
they took us out the history books didn't want us reading that
reclaimed our names broke the chains survived
everything they threw and took the pain
turned it into fuel we gave the birth cool
America got soul Hip Hop rock & roll
if I may be so bold to say
if it wasn't for us you wouldn't be here today
facts only
what a change from a year ago
24-7 365 flow
we woke now
the fire we not dousing it
black excellence and economic empowerment
that's what on the agenda
we are the inventors
won't take me off my center
America like Africa my home
I said it last song the right to be left alone
I stand with a backbone on/off the microphone
extension of our ancient ancient chromosomes
music inventors blacksmiths and wordsmiths
study with the Rastas long dreads and big spliffs
what they told me was holy
they showed me the maroons
connected sun star and moon
told me to my face
One God One Aim One Destiny
never let them bury me
so much to say
feel the urgency no delay
black man on your job today
handle your biz whatever it is
be for your kids that what it is
black men uniting
more frightening
than agent orange
cause we heal the wounds that tore us apart
that's what I saying
aye yo we not playing
black man no no we not caving in
we need safe haven from the BS
been through it all and feeling so blessed
with a smile on my face
time time for some action don't need no distractions
brother its our time queen you're so divine
protect your heart and your mind
Im going for mine one life to live
Im spiritually grounded I know God is real
save your cynicism no time for division
join the love army change is our mission
and while we do it look fly and feel free
ebb and flow like the ocean or the sea
the most serious times
that's why this black man saying more than P****
in his rhymes
no diss to KDOT black man showing who I am
and what I got
came from great stock
future generations and it don't ever stop....
Track Name: Backyard
Gossip Gossip Gossip love talking behind your back
awful awful awful stab you right in your back
they say they really for you then they be right back
from talking to Lucy talking to Donald talking that yakety yack
they looking for an ear to smear
we call em backbiters
we tell them get the hell from round here
now who's that peeping in my window
we know your kind won't play me like Nintendo
neighborhood watch more like neighborhood nosy
scanning my license plates get way you don't know me
the person talking to you about someone else
as soon as you gone they talking about you to someone else

Check out your own backyard before you check out someone else

Like mister Carter I can see a side eye in my sleep
culture vultures complainers and just creeps
quick to tell you what to wear and what to eat
but they the first hypocrites you see out in the street
casting judgement like they the head teacher
criticize every line that comes thru the speaker
the more you saying this
they say it should be that
the more you say of that
they quick to call it wack
tune out the noise self preserve self aware
you can't save the world if you don't handle self care
before you try to pick apart somebody's card
check your own backyard your own backyard

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